Now in Production: BAYOU LANDS

Bayou Lands is a documentary film that advocates for the natural development of the bayou system for recreational use and natural wildlife. Not only is our bayou system a precious resource, it shapes the overall identity of Houston as a whole. While the bayou landscape is Houston’s most prominent natural feature, it is now a patchwork of natural and urban development schemes, much of which is constructed into concrete waterways. Future bayou rehabilitation could restore and integrate the natural value of the bayou system to improve the quality of life and overall attractiveness of the city.

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Commercial Videography

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NFL Films - "A Football Life: Houston '93- Goodbye, Houston"

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Houston Area Coverage

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Astrodome Tomorrow

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Fundraising Videos

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Causes & Non-Profit Video

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Portrait & Family Home Movies

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Live Music Events

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Music Videos

As a Houston based videographer, I offer high quality DSLR video production and editing solutions for your company, cause, or organization.

Past Clients:


NFL Films - A Football Life

Vogue Magazine - Fashion Night Out - One Colorado

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Archival Restoration

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power - Editing Board Room Meetings

LA Police Historical Society - Archival 16mm Film Restoration

Barry Bonds - Home Media Archive

Astrodome Tomorrow - Tour Video of Astrodome in 2013


 Artistic Cinematography. Stylized Editing.  Creative Video Concept and Producion. 

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