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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“ There is a feel of sonic mastery here, as the tracks get to the end of their story.  The album proves itself without overdoing it, another plus in this type of work..”

​-Asche | Heathen Harvest 


“The Neither-Neither Stance is a great album that induces altered states and expands consciousness. I highly recommend this true masterpiece by Night at Noon"  -Zagrob 


Feb. 2015
New Album anounced on Noctivagant Records for late 2015! <Fingers crossed> All new material featuring minimal synth isolationist soundscapes and uncharted mind crushing sonic explorations.

New Review in Spanish!:

El extraordinario y cautivador álbum “The Neither-Neither Stance” de Night At Noon fue publicado en el año 2012 a través del prestigioso sello discográfico estadounidense NOCTIVAGANT RECORDS, y es en su magna vertebración en catorce temas donde el trabajo de Brian Traylor resplandece con intensidad a través de estas geniales composiciones donde el dark-ambient traspasa y nos refleja ese lado velado al conocimiento profano, como así podrán descubrirlo, sentirlo y disfrutarlo los melómanos lectores de Lux Atenea Webzine que adquieran esta lujosa edición. Sin ninguna duda, el extraordinario álbum “The Neither-Neither Stance” es una obra intemporal que proyecta su sombra más allá del tiempo.


The extraordinary and captivating Night At Noon "The Neither-Neither Stance" album was published in the year 2012 through the prestigious American label NOCTIVAGANT RECORDS, and is in his magna structuring in fourteen subjects where the work of Brian Traylor shines brightly through these great compositions where the dark-ambient goes beyond and reflects that veiled side to the profane knowledgeas you can discover it, feel it and enjoy it lovers readers of Lux Athena Webzine who acquire this luxurious Edition. Without a doubt, the extraordinary album "The Neither-Neither Stance" is a timeless work that casts its shadow beyond time. 


-Thanks guys, I'm glad someone get's me. - NaN

E V E N T S​

Currently not playing live anytime soon.  Recording in the studio...

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